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Leo Lyon BIG Bundle Pack

Leo Lyon BIG Bundle Pack

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Get to know the characters of Leo the Courageous Lyon with this book and workbook bundle pack! The Lyons Club Coloring workbook breaks down, for kiddos in grades K-3, different ways over coming fear. The coloring workbook comes with 22 positive affirmations, engaging coloring, activity, journal, creative expression, and a quiz pages, Waterproof Affirmation Sticker, Glow in the Dark Affirmation Braclet and a 4 pack of crayons! This workbook is a perfect teaching tool for teachers and parents alike. Let your child join The Lyons Club and kick F.E.A.R. in the REAR!


Written By Leah D Williams Illustrations By Harriet Rodis

Copyright © 2022 Leah D. Williams

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portion thereof in any form whatsoever.

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